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  Upcoming Events

Flute Fall-in, October 11-14
Register by Wednesday, Sept 26!
If you love the outdoors and trees and leaves and fresh air and campfires and moons and mountains and music, you need to be at Fall-in. Read all about the Fall-in at our WebSite.

Flute In 2012 You can still register if you call or email LeRon Bielak by 6:00pm ET this Wednesday, Sept 26, and tell him your "check is in the mail."

Call Leron at 540-338-5625. Or email leronb29@aol.com
(We have to provide our final head count on Sept 27.)

We'll once again be at Camp Bethel north of Roanoke. Several favorite flute makers will be on hand, but mainly it's all about playing flutes in Nature.

Leonard McGann is looking forward to hosting us in his "neck of the woods"; we plan to again offer an optional afternoon trip to a nearby cavern

Next Meeting of Northern Virginia Flute Circle

Sunday, October 7, 2:00-4:30pm*
Host: Denise Norwood   •   4603 Green Spring Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22312   •   703-642-5173

Hey Folks, this may be the last chance for an outdoor circle until spring, so come and enjoy the sounds and smells of fall in the beautiful setting of Greenspring Garden Park, in Alexandria, VA. The flowers are always in bloom and there is a comfy gazebo to play in.

Go to Google maps for directions there, then enter from Braddock Road, bear right and go almost to the end of the parking lot. The tall white gazebo is just off the parking lot to the left. Meet us in the gazebo. Bring your own chair as there is no seating in the gazebo.

*Rather than bringing food to share, we will stop at 4:30 and anyone who wants to, can join us for a meal at an Indian restaurant just next door.

Here are the basics about our flute circles:
• circles take place from 2-5pm (leave when you have to but we hope you can come for the entire circle)
• small and informal, they're great places to learn
• if you're a beginner, let us know and someone will work directly with you
• traditional pow-wow etiquette is the rule; no smoking or alcoholic beverages
• flutes, drums, rattle, shakers, other instruments are all welcome

Stuart Hill • Northern Virginia Flute Circle POC
P.S., Remember, our flute circle schedules and directions are always available here:
Northern Virginia Flute Circle
Potomac Flute Circle

Next Meeting of Potomac Flute Circle

Saturday, October 20, 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Host: by Elaine Parreco   •   1114 Nora Drive, Silver Spring, MD   •   301-622-1650

Flute and all instruments are welcome!

For directions, click here and scroll down to Elaine's house.

Festival is Back! Save the Date ...
The Potomac Native American Flute Festival is back in 2013!

Winds of Celebration Our theme? Winds of Celebration!

It'll be held March 22-24, 2013
At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockville

We'll have workshops, tons of flute vendors, and our Open Mic and headliner concert.

Registration details and more info will be posted at the Web site next month.

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